Bauhaus was one of the first proper design schools, and while its instruction was deeply devoted to functionality, it was among the first to set out and prove that functional need not be boring. An institute of design that gave some of history’s most important designers a grounding in aesthetics that continues to influence the way our world looks and works. The school steadily progressed under founder Walter Groupius, who, in 1923, began a movement that united art and technology in a bold unabashed framing of modernism. Uniting Good design that could be mass-produced and made available to the general public. 

Ludwig Mies Van den Rohe - stands as one of the 20th centuries most influential architects. Born in Aachen in 1886, he created an influential twentieth-century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. Mies leaned on his own philosophy and embrace of modernity and found appeal in the use of simple rectilinear and planar forms, clean lines, pure use of color, and the extension of space. His epochal work defined an age and era of modernity, clarity and depth and cerebral reflection in design. It is this same essential clarity, simplicity and power in precise minimalism that is found in this sophisticated expression of German timekeeping excellence. “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.”

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